Post #2 Ruta del Sol

My bones still feel humid
Above these clouds
As I soak in these days;

A song with strangers in the rain –
Una pachada.
My voice softer than ever.

Humid walls,
Faded colours, vivid people.
Bright warm darkness and so many stars!

I can feel you slowly leaking out,
Life soaking back in
With this music…

You, who filled me with emptiness,
And I bled with anguish.

Now I bleed light and love and life
I’ve been awake for days –
I am everywhere.

And you’re alone,
Lusting after your own charms:
Your perfect inconsolable pain.

I loved you fear and restrain.
But how can I look after you
Here on this rooftop, under the scalding sun?

Now my mind sees more
And my eyes run wild:
Fireworks in this cold comfort.

These dunes by the ocean
Are a smaller desert
Then your desolate company.





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